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Jollification Music

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Meet Cimorelli

Christina Lynn Reali
(nee Cimorelli)


Christina is the second oldest child in the Cimorelli family and the oldest in the band 

  • She was the one who started the band Cimorelli.
  • She can play the piano and the drums.
  • She and Lisa arrange the harmonies for their songs and covers.
  • She took guitar lessons as a teenager but she still can't play guitar.

Katherine Ann Straneva
(Nee Cimorelli)


Katherine is the second oldest sister of the group, after Christina, and is the third oldest child in the Cimorelli family.

  • She plays bass guitar and the piano.[46]
  • She loves to make music playlists.
  • She would would most like to perform with Stevie Wonder.[29]
  • Lisa says Katherine has the hardest time memorizing lyrics.[47]

Lisa Michelle Gilbert
(Nee Cimorelli)


Lisa is the 4th eldest in family and 3rd in the band.

  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Her favorite animal is a moose.
  • Her favorite food is Margherita pizza.
  • Her favorite meal consists of Margherita pizza, spinach salad, and marble ice cream for dessert.
  • Her favorite Netflix shows are The Office and New Girl.
  • Her favorite film is Eat, Pray, Love.
  • She and Christina arrange the harmonies for their songs
  • She plays the piano, drums, and guitar.

Amy Elizabeth Cimorelli


Amy is the 2nd youngest in band and 5th oldert in family, Amy can play the guitar and piano as well as being a singer and songwriter.

Amy Likes Horses

Her hobbies are painting which she has started to add to prints and sells.

Lauren Christina Cimorelli


Lauren is the youngestmin the band but the 7th youngest in family.

Lauren is described as being quiet and shy but in recent years has built up her confidence and is funny and sarcastic.

Lauren was given the middle name Christina because she was born on Christina's 7th Birthday

And Not Forgetting

 Danielle Nicole "Dani" Calleiro (née Cimorelli) 

BIRTHDAY:  15th June 2000

Dani is the 8th member of the family and was the youngest in the bans until her departure in 2020

Dani plays guitar and piano

  • Her favorite type of food is Mexican.
  • She claims to be a picky eater who separates the food on her plate.
  • She likes waffles, mint chip ice cream, white chocolate, mangoes, and soymilk.
  • She loves German candy.[24]
  • She eats chocolate cake on her birthday.
  • She doesn’t eat fish