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Dean Hajas

Dean is a singer/ songwriter living in Brantford, Ontario, Canada who is currently in legal disputes over one of his songs 'Slave4U' which was recorded by Britney Spears and released in 2001, 2005 & 2008 in 26 countries and this has caused an infringement in his copyright, for a musician and songwriter their copyright and royalties are the main source of income for their hard work (imagine you not being paid your full wages at work)

Dean is now campaigning to get Canadian musicians a fair royalty rate for their music

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Canadian Musician's are given STREAMING Rates for their music creations of 
$.0011 from Spotify, YouTube and the internet.

In 2003, the Superior Court agreed to alter the definition of "STREAMING" to exclude "Broadcast and Transmission". This gave the Corporations of Bell, Rogers, Cogeco and opportunity to charge 2/3's of Canadians $120.00 per month. 

*DID YOU KNOW..It takes over 550,000 Streams to make $100.00 on Spotify, youTube, and social media for a Canadian Musician?

Do You Think This is FAIR???.

These corporations make BILLIONS of dollars in STREAMING our Music Creations, and the Canadian Revenue Agency is first in line with it's hands out for the TAXATION associated with the success of Broadcasting our Music.