Jollification Music

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Plant A Tree

As part of our dedication to climage change we have teamed up to plant trees accross our company

For the Music business we have decided to plant trees with our website pages subscriptions

Monthly Plans

when you sign up and your page is completed, the first payment will plant 25 trees, join for a further year and another 25 trees will be planted

Annual Plans

When you join and pay a one off annual fee we will plant 100 trees with this fee, we will do this each year you have a page on our site


There are options for you to make donations, just click on the 'Donate to plant your trees here' button at bottom of page and choose from the following donations

  • £6 for 25 trees
  • £12 for 50 trees
  • £24 for 100 trees

there is an option of OTHER where you can type the following amounts in

  • £60 for 250 trees
  • £120 for 500 trees
  • £240 for 1'000 trees
  • £10'000 for 2'400 trees

Trees planted accross company so far